Rehs Contemporary "The Big Gamble"

Rehs Contemporary “The Big Gamble”

Rehs Contemporary “The Big Gamble” – Watch Video
Rehs Contemporary in New York will be hosting an exciting 2013 exhibit featuring Timothy W. Jahn, Anthony Waichulis, and a salvo of amazing talent from The Ani Art Academies family. The exhibit, carrying the intriguing title of “The Big Gamble”, will be the first significant concentration of works in the New York area from The Ani Art Academies former alumni and current apprentices. While Howard Rehs of Rehs Contemporary remains fairly tight-lipped regarding additional details and full artist roster, he states that the show promises to be a “very significant and exciting event.”

Be sure to visit for additional information regarding this special event in the coming months. Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc. is located at 5 East 57th Street in New York, NY 10022. For more information regarding the gallery, call (212) 355-5710 or visit their website